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"Fain would they put out the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light however much the disbelievers are averse." — Holy Qur'an 61:8

Noor Mowlana Hazar Imam's ta'lim guides the murid to higher spiritual enlightenment & vision.


:: Holy Ginan No. 11: Pir Ali Akbar Beg's Aavine besone gothadi kariye ::

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

Recited by Alwaez Rai Shamsuddin Bandali Haji

Eji Aavine besone gothadi kariye
Paat pujine dhiyaanaj dhariye
O Brother Come and be seated (in Jamat khana) and have hearty conversations
(with the Guide). After observing the rituals at the 'paat',
maintain your concentration entirely upon whatever is being observed.
Eji Gat maa(n)he aavine amiras pije
Nito nit naam Sahebji-no lije
O Brother Come to the congregation and drink the holy water
('abesafa') or water of life (the "ginans").
Recite or remember the name of the Lord everyday.
Eji Gurji-e tamne bataaviya ginan
Satpanth maaragni aavi chhe shaan
O Brother The Guide has shown you the 'ginan'
(Divine knowledge and wisdom)
and therefore the exalted station of
the True Path has been glorified.
Eji Pistaalis te koy nay tariya
Ekoter meline dozakhe padiya
O Brother Of the forty five, none of them where saved.
They abondoned their seventy one
(generations) and fell into hell.
Eji Dasond devo ne gat maa(n)he aavo
Moksh mugat amraapuri paavo
O Brother Submit the tithe and come to the congregation.
Then you will attain salvation, liberation and paradise.
Eji Paachham dishe Shah partak jaano
Arabi roope Shah Ali pichhaaño
O Brother At the horizons of the West (relative to the Sub-Continent),
the Imam is manifest. Recognise Imam Ali in the Arabic form.
Eji Chandar thaavar gat maa(n)he jaago
Paanch padaarath antar maa(n)go
O Brother Stay awake on the night of the new moon on Friday (beej),
in the congregation, and ask for the five essential virtues
in your hearts.
Eji Girbha-vaasni gurni vaacha sambhaaro
Jitiya jitiya fal tame kaa(n)y haaro
O Brother Be mindful of the promises that you made
to the Guide when you were in your mother's womb.
Why do you want to give up all the fruits that you have
won (over the many past opportunities)?
Eji Satgure bhani sunaaviya ved
Kaa(n) tame munivar na jaano bhed
O Brother The True Guide has studied and spoken about the scriptures.
You believers try to understand something of the essence in them.
Eji Jap tap nem dharam jo karsho
To eni karani-e vira paar utarsho
O Brother If you perform meditation, abstinence and observe the religious
vows with correct intentions, then brothers, with such deeds you
will cross over the limits (of material existence).
Eji Ginan vichaari saacha thai chaalo
To amar bhom amraapuri maalo
O Brother Having reflected upon the 'ginans' conduct yourselves truthfully.
Then you will experience the immortal abode of paradise.
Eji Bandagi kaarane sarjiyo sansaar
Munivar samjo te ginan vichaar
O Brother For the sake of meditation with luminous word (bandagi),
the Lord has created the world. O believers understand
the thoughts of the 'ginan' (Divine knowledge and wisdom).
Eji Satpanth ek mane samjone vira
Kaa(n)y gamaavo tame haathna hira
O Brother Understand the True Path with one mind (with conviction).
Why do you lose the diamonds which are in your hands?
Eji Jene munivare jot jagaai
Antar bhedni niyaamat paai
O Brother The believer who has kindled the Light (of faith in his heart),
has attained the blessings (or graces) of the inner mysteries.
Eji Gat maa(n)he jap tap gat maa(n)he jugti
Gat maa(n)he amiras gat maa(n)he mugti
O Brother In Jamat Khana there is meditation and abstinence,
and in Jamat Khana there is the method (way of salvation).
In Jamat Khana there is holy water (or water of life - ginans),
and in Jamat Khana there is salvation or freedom.
Eji Jote re jotna mela re hoy
To nito nit darshan Shahnu(n) joy
O Brother Through the Light (of faith in the heart),
one experiences a luminous or enlightened gathering
(or experiences enlightenment in the gathering)
and hence has the experience of the Vision of the Lord everyday.
Eji Gurna ginan vichaarine aakho
To kaal krodhne kaadhi naakho
O Brother Reflect upon the 'ginans' of the Guide
and then have a vision of life.
Then remove anger and lust from your being.
Eji Anant karod Pir Hasanshah taare
To saacha yaara-ne Shah paar utaare
O Brother Pir Hasan Shah saves countless crores.
The Imaam enables a genuine friend (mureed)
to cross over the material limits.
Eji Olkhine sevone tame munivar bhai
To nito nit gat maa(n)he karo kamaai
O Brother You believer brothers, serve (worship) Him
after having recognised Him and perform rewarding
deeds in Jamat Khana everyday.
Eji Hem sarikhi jo kasni kariye
Bhañe Pir Ali Akbar Beg paar utariye
O Brother The ones who undergo trials and tests like gold
will cross over the limits of material existence.
This is taught by Pir Akbar Beg.

May our beloved Imam NOOR Mowlana Shah Karim Al-Hussaini (a.s.) grant you, your family, your Jamat and the worldwide Jamat luminous (noorani) and spiritual (ruhani) tayid (help) to advance materially, spiritually and intellectually, and may He grant you the inner vision of the Truth. Ameen.

Haizinda — Qayampaya
(Our Present Imam is Living and His NOOR is Eternal)

Rakh Mowla je Noor te Yaqeen (Certainly, we trust in Mowla's Light only),
Noorallah Juma
Eleventh Night of Ramadan Mubarak

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