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"Alif. Lam. Ra. (This is) a Scripture which We have revealed unto thee (Muhammad) that thereby thou mayst bring forth mankind from darkness unto light." — Holy Qur'an 14:1


Qur'anic Treasures Hidden in the Ayat on the Mission of the Holy Prophet (Holy Qur'an 5:67)

Surah Maaidah Ayat 67  (Holy Qur'an 5:67)

Transliteration English Translation
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful
Yaa ayyuha'r-rasulu balligh maa unzila ilaika mir-rabbika, wa il-lam taf'al, fa-maa ballaghta risaalathu, wa'llaahu ya simuka mina'n-naas. 'Innal-laaha laa yahdil qawmal-Kaafiriin (5:67). O Messenger! Make known that which hath been revealed unto thee from thy Lord, for if thou do it not, thou wilt not have conveyed His message. Allah will protect thee from mankind. Lo! Allah guideth not the disbelieving folk (5:67).


The recitations of selected aya(t) of Holy Qur'an in Tarteel tune are by Shiekh Abdul Bassit Abdul Sumed and have been reproduced on this site with permission from MECAH Enterprises.


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