Towards the Inner Vision of the Truth


"Allah guideth him who seeketh His good pleasure unto paths of peace. He bringeth them out of darkness unto light by His decree, and guideth them unto a straight path." — Holy Qur'an 5:16


Holy Quran Verses from Pickthall's Translation

Surah 'Abasa: He Frowned

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

080.001 He frowned and turned away
080.002 Because the blind man came unto him.
080.003 What could inform thee but that he might grow (in grace)
080.004 Or take heed and so the reminder might avail him?
080.005 As for him who thinketh himself independent,
080.006 Unto him thou payest regard.
080.007 Yet it is not thy concern if he grow not (in grace).
080.008 But as for him who cometh unto thee with earnest purpose
080.009 And hath fear,
080.010 From him thou art distracted.
080.011 Nay, but verily it is an Admonishment,
080.012 So let whosoever will pay heed to it,
080.013 On honoured leaves
080.014 Exalted, purified,
080.015 (Set down) by scribes
080.016 Noble and righteous.
080.017 Man is (self-)destroyed: how ungrateful!
080.018 From what thing doth He create him?
080.019 From a drop of seed. He createth him and proportioneth him,
080.020 Then maketh the way easy for him,
080.021 Then causeth him to die, and burieth him;
080.022 Then, when He will, He bringeth him again to life.
080.023 Nay, but (man) hath not done what He commanded him.
080.024 Let man consider his food:
080.025 How We pour water in showers
080.026 Then split the earth in clefts
080.027 And cause the grain to grow therein
080.028 And grapes and green fodder
080.029 And olive-trees and palm-trees
080.030 And garden-closes of thick foliage
080.031 And fruits and grasses:
080.032 Provision for you and your cattle.
080.033 But when the Shout cometh
080.034 On the day when a man fleeth from his brother
080.035 And his mother and his father
080.036 And his wife and his children,
080.037 Every man that day will have concern enough to make him heedless (of others).
080.038 On that day faces will be bright as dawn,
080.039 Laughing, rejoicing at good news;
080.040 And other faces, on that day, with dust upon them,
080.041 Veiled in darkness,
080.042 Those are the disbelievers, the wicked.


Let us pray (Sura 20, Ayat 114) 'Ya Rabbi Zidni Ilma!' ('O Lord! Increase me in knowledge.') and seek spiritual help (ta'yid) to understand our great faith.


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