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"Light upon light. Allah guideth unto His light whom He will. And Allah speaketh to mankind in allegories, for Allah is Knower of all things." — Holy Qur'an 24:35


Holy Quran Verses from Pickthall and Yusufali's Translations

Surah Jinn: The Jinn

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Yusufali:    Say: It has been revealed to me that a company of Jinns listened (to the Qur'an). They said, 'We have really heard a wonderful Recital!
Pickthall:   Say (O Muhammad): It is revealed unto me that a company of the Jinn gave ear, and they said: Lo! we have heard a marvellous Qur'an,
Yusufali:    'It gives guidance to the Right, and we have believed therein: we shall not join (in worship) any (gods) with our Lord.
Pickthall:   Which guideth unto righteousness, so we believe in it and we ascribe no partner unto our Lord.
Yusufali:    'And Exalted is the Majesty of our Lord: He has taken neither a wife nor a son.
Pickthall:   And (we believe) that He - exalted be the glory of our Lord! - hath taken neither wife nor son,
Yusufali:    'There were some foolish ones among us, who used to utter extravagant lies against God;
Pickthall:   And that the foolish one among us used to speak concerning Allah an atrocious lie.
Yusufali:    'But we do think that no man or spirit should say aught that untrue against God.
Pickthall:   And lo! we had supposed that humankind and jinn would not speak a lie concerning Allah -
Yusufali:    'True, there were persons among mankind who took shelter with persons among the Jinns, but they increased them in folly.
Pickthall:   And indeed (O Muhammad) individuals of humankind used to invoke the protection of individuals of the jinn, so that they increased them in revolt against Allah);
Yusufali:    'And they (came to) think as ye thought, that God would not raise up any one (to Judgment).
Pickthall:   And indeed they supposed, even as ye suppose, that Allah would not raise anyone (from the dead) -
Yusufali:    'And we pried into the secrets of heaven; but we found it filled with stern guards and flaming fires.
Pickthall:   And (the Jinn who had listened to the Qur'an said): We had sought the heaven but had found it filled with strong warders and meteors.
Yusufali:    'We used, indeed, to sit there in (hidden) stations, to (steal) a hearing; but any who listen now will find a flaming fire watching him in ambush.
Pickthall:   And we used to sit on places (high) therein to listen. But he who listeneth now findeth a flame in wait for him;
Yusufali:    'And we understand not whether ill is intended to those on earth, or whether their Lord (really) intends to guide them to right conduct.
Pickthall:   And we know not whether harm is boded unto all who are in the earth, or whether their Lord intendeth guidance for them.
Yusufali:    'There are among us some that are righteous, and some the contrary: we follow divergent paths.
Pickthall:   And among us there are righteous folk and among us there are far from that. We are sects having different rules.
Yusufali:    'But we think that we can by no means frustrate God throughout the earth, nor can we frustrate Him by flight.
Pickthall:   And we know that we cannot escape from Allah in the earth, nor can we escape by flight.
Yusufali:    'And as for us, since we have listened to the Guidance, we have accepted it: and any who believes in his Lord has no fear, either of a short (account) or of any injustice.
Pickthall:   And when we heard the guidance, we believed therein, and whoso believeth in his Lord, he feareth neither loss nor oppression.
Yusufali:    'Amongst us are some that submit their wills (to God), and some that swerve from justice. Now those who submit their wills - they have sought out (the path) of right conduct:
Pickthall:   And there are among us some who have surrendered (to Allah) and there are among us some who are unjust. And whoso hath surrendered to Allah, such have taken the right path purposefully.
Yusufali:    'But those who swerve,- they are (but) fuel for Hell-fire'-
Pickthall:   And as for those who are unjust, they are firewood for hell.
Yusufali:    (And God's Message is): "If they (the Pagans) had (only) remained on the (right) Way, We should certainly have bestowed on them Rain in abundance.
Pickthall:   If they (the idolaters) tread the right path, We shall give them to drink of water in abundance
Yusufali:    "That We might try them by that (means). But if any turns away from the remembrance of his Lord, He will cause him to undergo a severe Penalty.
Pickthall:   That We may test them thereby, and whoso turneth away from the remembrance of his Lord; He will thrust him into ever-growing torment.
Yusufali:    "And the places of worship are for God (alone): So invoke not any one along with God;
Pickthall:   And the places of worship are only for Allah, so pray not unto anyone along with Allah.
Yusufali:    "Yet when the Devotee of God stands forth to invoke Him, they just make round him a dense crowd."
Pickthall:   And when the slave of Allah stood up in prayer to Him, they crowded on him, almost stifling.
Yusufali:    Say: "I do no more than invoke my Lord, and I join not with Him any (false god)."
Pickthall:   Say (unto them, O Muhammad): I pray unto Allah only, and ascribe unto Him no partner.
Yusufali:    Say: "It is not in my power to cause you harm, or to bring you to right conduct."
Pickthall:   Say: Lo! I control not hurt nor benefit for you.
Yusufali:    Say: "No one can deliver me from God (If I were to disobey Him), nor should I find refuge except in Him,
Pickthall:   Say: Lo! none can protect me from Allah, nor can I find any refuge beside Him
Yusufali:    "Unless I proclaim what I receive from God and His Messages: for any that disobey God and His Apostle,- for them is Hell: they shall dwell therein for ever."
Pickthall:   (Mine is) but conveyance (of the Truth) from Allah, and His messages; and whoso disobeyeth Allah and His messenger, lo! his is fire of hell, wherein such dwell for ever.
Yusufali:    At length, when they see (with their own eyes) that which they are promised,- then will they know who it is that is weakest in (his) helper and least important in point of numbers.
Pickthall:   Till (the day) when they shall behold that which they are promised (they may doubt); but then they will know (for certain) who is weaker in allies and less in multitude.
Yusufali:    Say: "I know not whether the (Punishment) which ye are promised is near, or whether my Lord will appoint for it a distant term.
Pickthall:   Say (O Muhammad, unto the disbelievers): I know not whether that which ye are promised is nigh, or if my Lord hath set a distant term for it.
Yusufali:    "He (alone) knows the Unseen, nor does He make any one acquainted with His Mysteries,-
Pickthall:   (He is) the Knower of the Unseen, and He revealeth unto none His secret,
Yusufali:    "Except an apostle whom He has chosen: and then He makes a band of watchers march before him and behind him,
Pickthall:   Save unto every messenger whom He hath chosen, and then He maketh a guard to go before him and a guard behind him
Yusufali:    "That He may know that they have (truly) brought and delivered the Messages of their Lord: and He surrounds (all the mysteries) that are with them, and takes account of every single thing."
Pickthall:   That He may know that they have indeed conveyed the messages of their Lord. He surroundeth all their doings, and He keepeth count of all things.


Let us pray (Sura 20, Ayat 114) 'Ya Rabbi Zidni Ilma!' ('O Lord! Increase me in knowledge.') and seek spiritual help (ta'yid) to understand our great faith.


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