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Batini-Noorani Didar Resources :: Moti Venti in MP3 format

Moti Venti Sound Tracks

The granth 'Moti Venti' consists of 50 verses and was composed by Pir Hasan Kabirdin (r.a), the son of Pir Sadardin (r.a.). The great Pir Hasan Kabirdin was an extremely humble soul who perfected his art of giriyauzari (shedding tears of loved for the Holy Imam of the time). His verses are extremely moving and melt the heart and the soul.

Pir Hasan Kabirdin's Moti Venti has been transliterated and translated by several authors. SalmanSpiritual.com launched Dr. Noorallah Juma's transliteration and Alwaez Vazir Kassamali M. Jaffer's translation of Moti Venti in 2002. We have also presented the Moti Venti in a 7- as well as a 10-day recital format and have provided search options for this granth on our website. We are pleased to present audio support for this beautiful work in the melodious voice of Shafiq Rawji of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We have also produced documents of the original text, transliteration and literal translation in PDF format so that the readers can fully benefit by having the full package at thier finger tips.

Please "right click" on the "Download mp3" link and save each track on the desktop or in a folder in order to have the option of burning a CD, loading the tracks to an ipod or just playing the mp3 tracks from your computer.

Moti Venti MP3 Sound Tracks
in the Voice of Shafiq Rawji

Item Track Verses Resource
1 mv_01_01_10  1 10 Download MP3
2 mv_02_11_20 11 20 Download MP3
3 mv_03_21_30 21 30 Download MP3
4 mv_04_31_40 31 40 Download MP3
5 mv_05_41_50 41 50 Download MP3
6 All verses  1 50 Download MP3


We thank Shafiq and Almas Rawji of Calgary, Alberta, Canada for their generosity and pray that Mowla bless upon them sunshine in their hearts and grant them the inner vision of the truth. Ameen

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